Camp Twin Lakes

Camp Twin Lakes (CTL) is a series of camps outside Atlanta for children with medical diagnoses. At CTL, every child rides the zip line, even if they are on a wheelchair or receiving chemotherapy. CTL has a unique brand of leadership that infuses everything it does. All decisions are viewed through the lens of the child. Exploration and innovation define the culture. CTL partnered with Insyte several years ago to articulate a bold future that would galvanize its multiple stakeholders and be worthy of its stewardship of children. The transformation has been profound.

In less than five years, Camp Twin Lakes:

  • Tripled the number of children it serves
  • Took over a state park to provide wilderness and family camping experiences
  • Transformed its relationships with the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta and other partners
  • Added an organic farm, a for-profit venture to sell grass- fed beef
  • Built a wheelchair accessible tree house and much more

Today, Twin Lakes is serving not just children with medical diagnoses but also children with other life challenges (foster children, refugee children, children with abuse history, etc.). When we embarked on our planning, the founder, a few close friends and the formal leaders were the only stakeholders who felt accountable for the future of the organization. We engaged the entire board and staff, as well over 100 other key stakeholders in the strategic planning process. At this point, Camp Twin Lakes is a national model. At the opening of its second camp, the greatest source of pride of the founders was that an entire new corps of committed leaders led the opening ceremony.

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